Is that  the collective name for a congregation of bellbirds? -hmmm

Below , you can hear what  appears to be 4 or 5 bellbirds singing together high in the walnut tree which  over- hangs our back  garden. They  are clearly simply making music together for the joy of it.  At  this time of year in  early April the bellbirds dont come down  for food from the bush until  all  the bush nectar has gone -usually towards mid-winter ( June/July)

The sound is deafening and superb and so pure. I feel blessed to listen to  such  a wonderful  choir.


The bellbird doesnt look  so exotic as the striking tui– whose song can often sound similar but which  has more raspy notes ( and two  voice boxes!),  but its song is so  amazingly bell-like;  as Captain Cook  remarked on 250  years ago when the native dawn chorus echoing off the water to  the Endeavour at anchor must  truly have been  a magnificent and intense  amalgam of sound.

In the park near the house, the bellbirds  sing in  the tall  trees almost all  day in the spring and summer. Each year they  share a particular musical  phrase, which  over time becomes added to  and adapted;  so  that by  the new song-year, it often sounds like a completely different phrase. Each  locality of bellbirds appear to  have their own set of phrases.

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