Small but perfectly formed… published 2014/11/17

We are fortunate to have an old rambling Cecile Brunner rose tumbling over a hedge and cherry tree in the front garden. It blooms constantly over spring, summer and into autumn. I have even seen a few pale pink blooms in the middle of winter.  It is a darling of a rose, often nicknamed “the Sweetheart Rose”, it has the most beautiful formed pale pink petals which are the ideal size for a buttonhole.


Yes, that is a touch of black spot you can see on some of the leaves. we don’t use chemical sprays in the garden.

This pretty little fragrant rose was bred in France in the 1880’s by Marie Ducher  and introduced by her son-in-law, Joseph Pernet-Ducher. It is named after the daughter of Ulrich Brunner, a renowned rose grower from Lausanne, Switzerland. It tolerates shade and poorer soils and has clusters of perfectly formed, high centered, pointed buds which open to double blooms which fade from the outside edges with faint yellow undertones and a deeper pink centre.


It is such a romantic addition to the garden providing a backdrop of abundant romantic blooms which remind me of fairy tales. I could imagine this rose climbing around the castle where sleeping beauty slept.

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